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Click on any thumbnail below to go to a larger picture, or click on arrow above to go to the first page of the index. You can also check out the website that April made by clicking here. She's got a couple of pics of me, while I have a couple of her. It seems only fair, somehow. <grin>

Kolob Canyon

day2_kolob_cyn02 day2_kolob_cyn08 day2_kolob_cyn12 day2_kolob_panorama  

Snow Canyon

day3_snow_cyn_01 day3_snow_cyn_11 day3_snow_cyn_16 day3_snow_cyn_21  

Cedar Breaks & Petroglyphs

day5_cedar_breaks03 day5_cedar_breaks05 day5_cedar_breaks02 day5_petros02 day5_petros03

Bryce Canyon

day6_bryce01 day6_bryce08 day6_bryce_deer01 day6_bryce_hoodoos2 day6_bryce_hoodoos3
day6_bryce_inspiration_pt01 day6_bryce_inspiration_pt_roberta day6_bryce_pt01 day6_bryce_pt05 day6_bryce_queens_walk_04
day6_bryce_queens_walk_19 day6_bryce_queens_walk_25 day6_bryce_queens_walk_29 day6_bryce_queens_walk_35 day7_bryce_navajo_76a
day7_bryce_navajo_77 day7_bryce_navajo_panorama