We spent Labor Day in Boston at the World Science Fiction convention. While we were there, we stayed on the 18th floor of the Copley Place Marriott and went on a Ghost Tour of the city.

Here's the view from our room:

Here's a picture from the Ghost Tour:

Our tour guide told us an interesting story about that -- when the cemetery was first open, everyone was buried wherever they would fit (sometimes standing up), with head and foot stones. During the war, however, a work project came up to make the cemeteries tidy. The stones were removed, the ground flattened, new grass sown, and the headstones replaced in nice, straight lines.

It looks really nice, but now no one is sure that the headstone bears any relation to the body it's over, because there are no records indicating that the workmen made a careful map of the cemetery before they moved the stones. So while the people are likely in there somewhere, it's no longer clear just where. Ooops.

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At the convention, you get to see a lot of strange characters, like this troll guarding the Mended Drum (aka the convention snack bar).

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