We went to Boston mainly to attend Noreascon4, AKA the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. As they said at the opening ceremonies, WorldCon is the one place where, if you say "I need you to move a dragon," the answer is "Which dragon?"

In that spirit, let's start out with a griffin:

And move on to some really amazing costumes, the first of which was created and worn by Julian May to represent one of the characters in her book The Adversary:

These two costumes also caught my attention:

And then there's something a little more out of this world -- a real Apollo 7 spacesuit:

The next several pages include a lot of Terry Pratchett-related photos, because Terry was the guest of honor at the con and he's one of Jen's favorite authors. If you aren't a Terry Pratchett or science fiction fan, however, you can click here to skip this section and jump ahead to the gorgeous scenery in northern Canada. Otherwise, use the right arrow below to keep forging onwards. You have been warned. <grin>