There are three lakes near Jen's parents' house in Ludlow that we'd never really explored before. This trip, we went swimming at the State Park that's on the shores of Echo Lake, and took my Dad's spiffy new boat out on Lake Rescue. It was really fun going out on Rescue, because you can't really see it from the road, so the only way to really enjoy it is to take a boat out on it. Here are some shots of the beauty that's hiding behind the trees.

When you put your boat in at the fishing access, you're in a small inlet. You go through the gap shown in the middle of this picture to get out into the main part of the lake:

Just beyond that gap, the stand of trees in the middle of the picture above prove to be a small island reflected in the water:

Naturally, vacation homes are in abundance.

Water. Trees. What more could one ask for?

How about trees against a beautiful blue sky?