On June 18th through the 20th, I had the pleasure of attending the first (hopefully the first of many) Anthony De Longis Sword Spectacular Weekend. Here are a few pictures from this event, all of which are between 13K and 28K.

  F. Braun's Evolution of the Rapier and Dagger (3 pics)

 The Choreographer's Q&A (8 pics, including 5 of Bob "Easy on the Eyes" Chapin)

  The Mixer (6 pics, mostly of the Wench Taming)

  Jason Carter (3 pics)

  F. Braun and Anthony's Mysterious Circle Demonstration (7 pics)

  F. Braun's 2-handed Sword Demonstration (6 pics)

  The Process (8 pics, and about 2.5 rolls at home {{grin}})

  Jim Byrnes' Q&A (4 pics)

  A Scattering of Friends (6 pics, debRob Distante, Sandy Fields, Glo. Phillips, Adam the thirsty Capybara, and the Vicksters)

  Sam Alden and Daneen McDermott, my roomies for the weekend (5 pics)

  Morgan Ladd (5 pics) Ever hear the Jimmy Buffett song "I'm looking for a hot woman in a real short skirt"? Hey, Jimmy! Over here! {{grin}}

  Miscellaneous Shots (6 pics) Here you'll find Mark Ryan, Maureen Russell dancing with Mark, Gillian, Anthony's quilt, and Bob Chapin.