Jen's PWFC Page

Pictures from the Halloween party courtesy of Ron & Sue Koci, October 25, 1997. Thanks, guys!!

Several pictures, all 11 to 25 K JPEGs

Our first Regional project was Peter's Birthday card. I bought the card, and it was signed by all the PWFC members at the Regional party on August 10th. It was scanned at the party by Ron & Sue Koci. Thanks, guys!!

The front of the card
(JPEG, 78K)

The inside of the card with all our signatures
(JPEG, 121K)

The NorCal group and our banner, plus the sticker on the back of the photo identifying who's in the picture.
(JPEGs, 68K/70K)

The birthday cake Linda Rae Sande made for the event, plus the sticker on the back of the photo.
(JPEGs, 71K/69K)

My Entry In Peter's Scrapbook

This was the 4x6 card I sent to Linda for inclusion in Peter's Scrapbook.
(JPEG, 46K)