Jen's Life with the MFWC

Most of these pictures courtesy of Nick and Jo Webb's skills with a digital camera, scanner, and PhotoDelux. Thanks, Nick and Jo!!

My very first RL Cavalry mount.
(JPEG, 24K)



Silent Majesty
My virtual black Arabian Stallion
(JPEG, 15K)



My Rapiers
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A NorCal Cavarly Party Picture
With Captain Joanne, RCF Linda Rae, and my husband, Dave.
Taken June 7th, 1997
(JPEG, 23K)



The PWFC logo in icing.
The cake Linda Rae made for the Cavalry Party. Hey, the colors are close. :)
And it should be noted that she'd never seen the logo in color...
(JPEG, 22K)



Another NorCal party, where yaks are the guests of honor (of course).
September 1997.
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The quilt for deb and Rob.
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A yakapult Joanne and I built for our fearless CG.
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