Anglicon Pictures and Peter-Related Projects

All of these pictures courtesy of Nick & Jo Webb's skills with a scanner, digital camera, and PhotoDelux. Thanks, Nick & Jo!!

Let's start with pictures of Peter.

Peter with coffee mug & badge.
(JPEG, 16K)

Peter smiling.
(JPEG, 16K)

Peter looks serious for a moment.
(JPEG, 18K)

What would this page be without...


It's the wig's fault, I swear...

MethosInDrag and her Kitten Sidekick
(aka Jen & Sue)
(JPEG, 22K)

(JPEG, 15K)

Presenting Peter With His Mug

Here are pictures of Peter and myself when I gave him the mug and coaster I made for him on Friday after his Q&A session.

Peter looking at his mug.
(JPEG, 29K)

Me, Peter, and Lori Robb
(JPEG, 28K)

Peter's profile. Sigh.
(JPEG, 16K)

Peter posing with me after getting his mug.
(JPEG, 20K)

This is how I packaged the set so Peter could see it without having to open it.
(JPEG, 32K)

This is the other side of the pattern.
(JPEG, 24K)

This is the whole pattern.
(JPEG, 40K)

This is the sticker on the bottom.
(JPEG, 18K)