Anaheim Convention Pictures


I've broken my con pictures into sections. All pictures are between 12 and 25 K JPGs. If all you want are good GOH pics, check out the shots Vicki Rorke kindly let me post on my site--she had a front row seat.

I did get some great shots of friends, which is what the con was all about from my perspective (namely row 250, right side. <g>)

The sections are:

 Disneyland (8 pictures)

 The hotel afterwards (3 pictures)

 deb and Gina's birthday party (6 pictures)

 Friends having fun (7 pictures)

 Panels (4 pictures)

 The concert with Jim, Roger, and Capybara Olympics (6 pictures)

 Gillian's birthday party (4 pictures)

 Vicki Rorke's pictures (Note: Vicki will be taking reprint orders until May 15th, 1998. If you want reprints, email her at specifying the pages and picture numbers, and she'll let you know how much reprints and shipping will cost.)

 Peter Part 1 (6 pics)

 Peter Part 2 (5 pics)

 Panzer & the illusive Davis. Oh, and a few of Adrian (5 pics)

 Alexandra Vandernoot (4 pics)

 Good Guys/Bad Guys (6 pics)

 Roger Daltrey/Jim Byrnes/Stan Kirsch (5 pics)

 The Fun Stuff (5 pics)