We have two cats, Ginger (born 2017) and Annie (born 2008). Here are some pictures!

Ginger (2020)

Ginger has gotten to be quite a porker at 14 pounds. We had fed them wet food every morning for a few weeks while Annie had an infection, and now Ginger feels she deserves wet food every morning. She meows up a storm until Jen gets her coffee going and she realizes today isn't the day. This picture was taken by our pet nanny while we were on a long weekend at Lake Tahoe, June 23, 2020.

Ginger (2018)

In the picture above, she is about 8 months old and weighs more than 10 pounds. In the picture below, she is about a month old and weighs 2.4 pounds, with a pen for scale. At least now her head looks more proportional to the rest of her body!

Here's a family portrait (without Annie, who was hiding, and also without our horse Jaleo, who wouldn't fit)

Ginger's first week (2017)

Our new kitten is named Ginger. A friend of a friend runs a cat rescue organization in Menlo Park and she recommended Ginger. We picked her up on Wednesday, June 21 2017. She was a few weeks old.

She was 2.4 pounds and after three weeks she is almost 4 pounds. Annie is about 10 pounds but it is surprising how much bigger she is compared to the kitten.

How can this even be comfortable?

Annie is eight years old, and pretty much never knew any other cat besides Dresden since they grew up together. She is really not sure what to make of the kitten ... in this picture, nothing good. After three weeks, they still hiss at each other sometimes and they don't play together yet. Hopefully soon.

Annie and Dresden (2010)

From 2008-2016, our two cats were Annie and Dresden.

You've heard of the Cat in the Hat? Well, Annie and Dave show off their version of "The Cat IS a Hat".

Annie and Dresden reclining in their spiffy new cat tree. The top shelf is about 5' off the ground, which gives them a good perch from which to observe their domain.

Annie may look sweet here, but she can be a terror. And she's definitely not afraid of heights. We've found her on top of our DVD cabinet, and Jen has seen her eying the top of the refrigerator speculatively...

Dresden makes a good remote holder too! (In fact, he didn't even wake up until I came over with the camera to take his picture...)

Annie showing off her lovely chest markings and the rich gold color on her belly.

Dreamboat Annie (2008)

Our friend Joanne trapped a litter of feral kittens who were only 4 weeks old and could still be acclimated to people. We used this as an opportunity to get Dresden a playmate, and it seems to be working well thus far. We got Annie on Saturday, June 28 2008, and we introduced them only a few hours later. It looks like Annie might well run the joint -- she's the one doing all the hissing and growling, while Dresden just looks curious.

Annie's name was given to her by Joanne, who thought she looked very dreamy when Joanne scratched her under the chin. Hopefully this is a good sign for her being very friendly in her new home.

A bit uncertain at first, Annie crouched beneath the desk chair.

Getting a bit braver, Annie came out to investigate the air conditioning in her new pad.

We let Dresden in, and both he and Annie shared the toy. For reference, Dresden is about 11.6 pounds and Annie about 2.

Out in the main part of the house, Annie played "Chase the moth" over Dave's legs. It looks like she will indeed be a very friendly cat, which is just what we want.

Annie vs. the Water Fountain (2011)

Annie must not have been around when they were teaching "how to drink from a water fountain".

In Memorium: Dresden and Gus