Hairy Dresden

This is the new little black kitty that moved from Half Moon Bay to Fremont on April 4, 2008. He's a sweet little guy whose is a bit timid, but he's starting to get used to the idea of being a house cat.

His name is based on the Jim Butcher character, Harry Dresden, Wizard. Harry is tall and lanky, while Hairy is long and lanky. (At least right now. He might turn into Harry, the late Elvis years, if he keeps eating at this rate...)

Both Dresdens, when faced with unknown dangers, believe that running very quickly in the opposite direction is the only sensible choice.

Both Dresdens, however, can be lured back by the call of humans, and both are more susceptible to the call of a woman than a man.

In the books, Harry Dresden returns to face his fears and cast one or more magic spells that save the day. He is also famous for his shield bracelet, that is basically a personal force field. Hairy Dresden returns to face his fears and covers his human in a protective shield of cat hair, which is impenetrable to all but the most determined dangers. (Trust me, this cat may be small but he puts out a lot of hair.)

Plus, the bad Hairy pun is simply too good to pass by. <grin>

So, for now, it's Hairy Dresden, master of 48856 Chardonnay Court.

Hairy Dresden makes himself at home on the couch.

Dresden likes to be brushed.

He likes it a lot.

Look into his eyes, and he'll cast his enchantment on you, too. <grin>

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