Dreamboat Annie

Our friend Joanne trapped a litter of feral kittens who were only 4 weeks old and could still be acclimated to people. We used this as an opportunity to get Dresden a playmate, and it seems to be working well thus far. We got Annie on Saturday, June 28th, and we introduced them only a few hours later. It looks like Annie might well run the joint -- she's the one doing all the hissing and growling, while Dresden just looks curious.

Annie's name was given to her by Joanne, who thought she looked very dreamy when Joanne scratched her under the chin. Hopefully this is a good sign for her being very friendly in her new home.

A bit uncertain at first, Annie crouched beneath the desk chair.

Getting a bit braver, Annie came out to investigate the air conditioning in her new pad.

We let Dreden in, and both he and Annie shared the toy. For reference, Dresden is about 11.6 pounds and Annie about 2.

Out in the main part of the house, Annie played "Chase the moth" over Dave's legs. It looks like she will indeed be a very friendly cat, which is just what we want.

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