Jaleo -- Jen's Newest Obsession

Jen and Jaleo

Jen (and Dave, but mostly Jen) bought a horse on July 13, 2017. He is a 17 hand Andalusian gelding named Jaleo born in Spain in 1997. He was sold to a gentleman in Germany and was later purchased by the lady we got him from and brought to the States about 10 years ago.

Cantering RightIn Spanish, Jaleo is a chorus in flamenco that dances and claps in time with the music. Jaleo is trained in dressage, so a dance oriented name is definitely appropriate! When Jaleo moved to the US, the kids at the stable couldn't pronounce his name, so they called him "Jello". His new owner was not overly fond of that, so she called him after one of her favorite horses from her past: "Willi". Jen thinks Jaleo is much more fitting, although Jello is pretty amusing too.

See him in action! Click here for a video of him being lunged.

Jaleo/Jello/Willi's owner (Nancy) didn't really want to part with him, but she is 83 and her doctor has recommended that she no longer ride. It just so happened one day that she and Jen were at the barn on Saturday afternoon, and, when Jen complimented Nancy on her beautiful horse, Nancy offered to give him to Jen. After Jen realized that Nancy was serious and found out the price was right (one dollar for a good home), the rest was equine history. Sadly, horse upkeep, especially in the Bay Area, costs a bit more than a dollar, but it is so worth it to have your own horse! Jen didn't realize how much she'd missed it until she actually signed the papers and realized it was really real.

Cantering Left

He needs a bit of exercise before Jen can ride for a full lesson. Much like Jen, he's a bit out of shape and it takes him awhile before his muscles stretch out and he can get to work. Jen lunges him before she rides, which is not a hardship in the least because he's such a beautiful horse!

Jen RidingJaleo is trained to 4th level Dressage, which is the top end of the Intermediate division. Jen, however, is trained to 0.01 level Dressage, but they seem to get along well anyway. He's a very sweet, even tempered horse, and the fact that he's older is perfect for Jen. She's never going to compete, and Jaleo has mellowed enough that he doesn't react to every touch of Jen's leg the way he would have if he were still competing. Because above all else, riding should be fun!

See him in action! Click here to see a bit of Jen's first ride on Jaleo.

Bath Day!

After his bath he is all clean and sparkling. Jen is a little wet and muddy though. And yes, Jen realizes that he was probably dirty again the next morning when he got turned out and rolled. But it was a beautiful day for giving him a bath and neither one of them minded getting wet!

Playing with Oliver

Here he is in his stall with his fly mask on. Willie and his next door neighbor Oliver have a green ball toy they play with, although Oliver is shy and won't play if anyone's looking...