Night Visions


Kigio offered an optional night drive, where they attach a chair to the front of a jeep and strap a spotter into that chair with a big flashlight. The driver then heads out into the wilderness, while the spotter flashes the light around looking for animals. This drive was at the end of a long day and it meant dinner would be late, but there were still two of us willing to go.

We saw the giraffe towards the end of the drive, and, at first, I couldn't understand why they were lighting up these strange poles. Then one of the poles got up and it suddenly made sense. <grin>

Notice the shadow of the giraffe's head and neck on the bush to his right.

While I'm glad I went so I could find out what it was like, I have to admit that I wasn't inclined to try it again. We didn't see many night predators, and it was cold! Kigio is almost 6,000 feet above sea level, and the jeep was open to the night air. I wish I'd thought to bring a blanket!