On August 24, 2002, Ron and Suz hosted a wonderful luau in honor of 4 birthdays: Ron's, Vicki H's, Glo.'s, and mine. The event featured live hula dancers, wonderful food, and only one uninvited guest--a brush fire that threatened to end the festivities early.

Thanks to a squadron of fire trucks, the fire was contained and the party went on as scheduled. Which, considering the tremendous effort that Ron and Suz put in, was a darned good thing. It would have been a true shame to waste their preparations.

The following collection of pictures show the spirit of the event. I've divided them into 5 categories, with the pictures in each arranged into an automatic slide show (created with the help of Photoshop 7).

Each section will continue to rotate through until you close the browser window.


Scenes from the brush fire.
The decorations out front, AKA the picnic area.
The decorations out back.
The birthday cake and the party.
Random people shots.