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Parties and other fun things
Africa, August 2013 Jen's trip to Seattle, Washington, May 8-12, 2005
Canadian Rockies, July 2012 The best of the best from our garden. Last update: April 2005.
Utah, May 2010 The best pictures from Big Basin State Park. Last update: May 2005.
Yellowstone, May 2009 Birthday event at the Catranch, August 24, 2003
Egypt, March 2008 Ealasaid Haas' birthday party on March 16, 2003, which included a play written by Ron Koci and Jen
Flowers, blueberries, and LuLu, Ludlow, Vermont, August 2007 Luau at the Catranch, August 2002
Manchester & the Mountains Horse Show in Dorset, Vermont, August 2007 Our new house, August 2001
Alaska, September 2006 Our college years in the Fifteenth Street Association
Buttermilk Falls and wildflowers in Ludlow, Vermont, August 2006 The Storelli's 2000 New Years party in Boone, N.C.
Manchester & the Mountains Horse Show in Dorset, Vermont, August 2006 Pleasanton Scottish Games, September 2000
Italy, September 2005 Riding in the Stanford Schooling Show, April 2002
Death Valley, April 2005 Mounted Shooting Event at the Ponderosa Ranch, July 2000
Vermont, Boston, and Canada, August-September 2004 Various Highlander conventions and events
Golden Gate Tea Garden, July 2004  
San Francisco and Yosemite, May 2004  
Yosemite -- the very best from all our Yosemite trips  
Utah, September 2003  
Tahoe, May 2003  
Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, March 2003  
Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, September 2001  
Australia, November 1998  
Scotland, March 1999  

Highlander fan fiction I have written.

Pictures of my craft projects.



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